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We have been a provider for online support since our inception. We’ve helped a large number of individual clients with their technical support issues each year, and we have been growing at a steady rate.

We are not just a simple tech support company, we enable remote access and allow the customers to watch each and every action that we take to solve the issues they may be facing.

We are one of the best call center companies in india specializing in call center outsurcing, outbound call center, customer service call center and inbound call center, Exceptional Online PC Technical Support Service By Quipserve.

Now, you don’t need to deal with odd computer and router problems, as Quipserve is here to provide the best online technical support to wretched computer users in the USA, Canada, UK ,Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria and to name a few. With increasing dependency on the computer and its technology, no user can imagine a day without these technical products. These gadgets have made our life easier.

In order to make them work properly, it is important that you get consistent performance out of them with technology support services. This uniform speed and performance can be attained by maintaining your system regularly. Failing to do so will make your computer work slow.

But, you don’t hav to worry about manager technical issues with quipserve’s 365 days tech support services.

  • Premium tech support
  • Information and communication
  • Technology services
  • Technology support services
  • IT infrastructure
  • Transformation services
  • Enterprise security management

For Efficeint Supports

  • Cloud computing services
  • Product lifecycle services
  • Network services
  • Convergence services
  • Infrastructure deployment
  • Cloud testing services


Our goal is to eradicate every technical fault faced by users, via phone, live chat or remote access, in three simple steps: We are one of the best customer service companies and we provide services like telemarketing, online marketing services and much more to our clients across the world. We offer end-to-end solutions encompassing all the different stages of the customer life cycle. We also offer wide range of customer service such as outsourced technical support and internet marketing services.

We connect you with the right subject matter engineers who can solve your issues right away, and a technical account manager whose job it is to understand your business challenges, you receive unparalleled expertise, accelerated support, and strategic advice tailored to your unique IT environment. 

We live and breathe support. We have on offer 24x7 tech help for PCs / software / hardware. We vow to Resolve each and every tech problem professionally within seconds and assure you full customer satisfaction via our on the go phone support service Quipserve has a high quality tech support helpdesk on a 24×7 global basis. 

We have extensive experience running global support operations and provide the following services for companies like yours.

Experienced customer support director who will work with you to build a global 24×7 technical support plan. 

Dedicated support staff who have deep technical skills and will undergo extensive training on your products.

 Fully branded customer experience. All support staff will represent themselves as part of your customer support organization.

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